Annette Berkardt





August 18, 1958


Michael Kelso (Ex-Boyfriend)

Behind the scenes
Portrayed by

Jessica Simpson

First appearance

Going To California (5.01)

Last appearance

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (5.14)

Annette is a recurring character on Season 5 of FOX comedy That '70s Show. She is portrayed by Jessica Simpson.


Annette is Kelso's girlfriend from California. Eric and Donna once referred to her as a blonde version of Jackie, or "Blackie." Despite this, Jackie and Annette hated each other. Once at The Hub, Jackie said to Annette "I didn't know they let 'slutballs' in here". Annette said since she saw Jackie in there she thought it was okay. She was Michael Kelso's girlfriend for a brief period of time in Season 5. During the premiere episode of Season 5, Annette and Kelso decide to spend their last day together doing fun things rather than have sex much to Kelso's disliking.

Annette comes to visit Kelso in Point Place and stirs a great deal of jealousy in Jackie. When she makes out with Kelso on the couch, Jackie's jealousy reaches a boiling point and she yells at her to get off her boyfriend with Hyde right next to her. In the next episode, Annette urges Kelso to get rid of Jackie. And she learns at the Valentine's Day dance that he is not over her and leaves him. She acts and talks very similar Jackie, constantly bossing him around..

Annette is first shown in Going to California, as a virgin that Kelso found while in California. As he tries to get her Eric shows up and him and Donna go back to Wisconsin. She later surprises him and the gang realized that the reason that he likes her is cause she's like Jackie. The girls have a sleepover and Bob says Annette has to wear a robe. Jackie finds out that she and Annette have a lot in common and almost become friends while the boys are watching them. Later in that episode though Kitty's father dies and puts a strain on her and Jackie's relationship. After seeing Annette on top of Kelso Jackie screams "Get off my boyfriend!" at Annette. And they break up, which is what Kelso wants. After a while Annette forces Kelso to stop being around Jackie and realizing that he wont they broke up and she went back to California.

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