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A Legal Matter is the 138th episode and 10th episode of the sixth season of That '70s Show.


Fez needs to take an exam to become a U.S. citizen, so Red educates him on U.S. history. Kelso thinks he is the academy's "stooge" and asks Eric and Hyde to help him break into the station to locate his file for verification.



Special Guest AppearanceEdit

  • Jim Gaffigan as Roy

Guest StarringEdit

  • James Avery as Officer Kennedy
  • Katie O'Rourke as INS Lady


  • When Red tries to teach Fez on how to say 'America' without an accent, Fez always messes it up. Coming up with another method, Red gets him to pronouce Eric's name. The way Fez says 'Eric', his voice is heard to be considerably deeper because that is Wilmer Valderrama using his normal voice.

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