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2120 So. Michigan Ave is the 174th episode and 21st episode of seventh season of That '70s Show.


Eric chooses to become a teacher, but receives an "incomplete" in gym class, thus preventing him from graduating high school. He must re-take it over the summer, but encounters a problem when realizing that his teacher is Casey Kelso. Casey agrees to let Eric pass if he manages to do a pull-up and Eric fails, so Casey says that instead, he'll let him pass if he gets a date with Donna. Eric is ecstatic about the whole thing, causing her to get mad at him, and eventually to make things right Eric goes back to the gym and manages to do a pull-up and pass the class.

Meanwhile, Kelso and Fez bicker over the choice of rooms at their new apartment and must face off in a beauty pageant-like competition judged by Jackie and Hyde, while Red does everything he can to make a mess in the apartment as revenge for all the damage caused to his house throughout the years by the gang .



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